AOC AGON AG352UCG Curved Gaming Monitor Review

When buying a gaming PC, the first thing that you need to factor in is the size of the monitor. You need a kick-ass screen that will clearly display the graphics such that when combined with decent speakers, you get an excellent gaming experience. Luckily, there are a lot of best gaming monitors in the market as long as you have the funds. Once such monitor is the AOC AGON AG352UCG Curved gaming monitor.

This 32’ inch screen can make you feel skeptical at first due to its curved nature, but considering this screen is for gaming purposes, the feature makes a lot of sense. The question is, will the AON AGON AG352UCG monitor make you feel immersed in the game? Without further ado, let’s look at its features to help you decide that.


If you have fears that a 32” monitor is going to take up too much space, you are by all odds right, this monitor measures 847x 587x 266.45mm. And there is also a small matter with the weight; it weighs 11.8 kg. So if you were planning on a portable gaming monitor, the AOC AGON AG352UCG is not the perfect choice. However, the heavyweight comes with benefits, it makes the monitor easy to tilt in the range of -5.5 to 29 degrees and also swivel it from -30 to 30 degrees. If you don’t have a large table to hold the monitor, you can mount it on the wall using the 100x 100mm VESA mount.

However, the size should not deter you from purchasing this monitor. Like many other gaming screens, the front of the AOC AGON AG352UCG is reserved and hence no busy bezels to distract you when you are fully concentrating on your game. Speaking of bezels, the AOC AGON AG352UCG has quite thick ones and hold the 2W speakers.

The bottom bezel holds blue, green, and red LED strips along the edge which you can set accordingly. You can also change the brightness of the strips using the on-screen menu or naturally turn them off. The back of the monitor holds other LEDs which are carefully cut into the silver part of the monitor while the rest parts are matte black. These LED’s compliment the nice touch of the monitor instead of having the “aggressive” gamer designs.

At the back of the monitor is where you also get the I/O ports. These include;

  • An HDMI port
  • DisplayPort
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports
  • Audio out port

These ports may not seem much but let’s face it, this is a gaming monitor and all that you really need is a DisplayPort.


The monitor has a response time of 4ms GTG and dishes out a contrast ratio of 2000:1 with a 100% sRGB color gamut support. You also have a wide range of settings to choose from the on-screen menu.


• Big enough to give you an unforgettable gaming experience

• Fast response time

• RGB LEDs give it a nice touch

• It looks awesome

• Nice color reproduction


• It’s too expensive

• Occupies a lot of space

Best 5 Comedy Show To Stream On Netflix

Comedy is one of the best genres of entertainment. Thankfully, there is a whole library of Netflix ready to service all your laughter needs. Netflix remains the only option of catching up with your favorite TV show you may have missed years ago. Here is the rundown of the best 5 comedy show to stream on Netflix:

Arrested Development (4 seasons)

The first four seasons of the comedy are finely calibrated. Finding a show with higher jokes-per-minute ratio than this is hard. Other than that, it’s the best show when it comes to sheer work ethic. It features a story about a wealthy family that loses everything. The members try to cling to their remaining cash and the last vestiges of their lavish
lifestyle. You won’t have any reason not to stick on the comedy, especially on the first three seasons. Every moment is a possible clue to a future joke.

Friends (10 seasons)

This is Netflix’s comfort food. It’s one of the rare shows with high laughter ratings. Besides, you can watch it over and over again. Watch it as you cook and let Monica make you feel like a real chef. Although the show dropped a bit towards the last seasons, you can check out the show if you happened to miss it when it was first aired. It helps you forget about the real world for a while.

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Bojack Horseman (4 seasons)

There is always a layer of comedy woven into the intricate plot of the show. It brings out a universe where animals talk and co-exist with humans. Bojack gets a dream job, and a girlfriend but life caps him on his knees over and over again. The show gets very depressing and real in some spots.

The office (9 seasons)

This is a show where every facial expression and gesture is vital to the story. With this in mind, the first seven seasons are pure gold. If the characters are talking without mikes, the camera is watching from far. While there are two different versions; the United Kingdom and the U.S, the latter owes the existence to the former. The comedy show features a
clueless boss whose desperate attempts to connect with his underlings is an exercise in futility. With Steve Carell leading the diverse cast of characters, it doesn’t get any better than the office.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (3 seasons)

Kimmy is kidnapped as a teenager and forced to live in a doomsday cult. The naive girl is finally rescued and is trying to rebuild her life. Luckily, a Broadway belting man is in desperate need of a roommate. He takes Kimmy in and trains her the art of living. Ellie Kemper plays the kidnapping victim and has no clue on how to live in the modern world. The jokes are consistently hilarious.


Netflix provides users with quick access to TV shows. If you are trying to catch up with one of the television’s best dramas, Netflix has made it much easier for you. Of course, it’s impossible to declare which of the above comedy shows is the best. That’s the beauty of Netflix. It’s time you let your favorite comedy actors take over your screen.

5 Best Christmas Movies Available on Netflix

On festive season/ Christmas, it’s perfectly socially suitable to start watching holiday movies. Being glued to your screen and watching a Christmas movie in festive season is a great way to appreciate the holidays. These movies can also be viewed via show box whereby the latest and classic Christmas movies can be streamed. Various movies are always streamed on Netflix services. Viewers always have different preferences and might take them a lot of time browsing for the best Christmas movies.

The following are 5 Best Christmas Movies Available on Netflix

#1 Christmas with the Kranks

This movie is based on John Grisham’s novel Skipping Christmas and it stars Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. While the Krank’s daughter is in Peru, they decide to skip Christmas and go for a vacation. Their daughter decides to come home. This result in chaos as the Kranks struggles to have an impressive Christmas party within a short time

#2 A very Murray Christmas

It’s directed by Sofia Coppola. It features a comedic genius, Billy Murray. Billy Murray comes to a realization that a storm has snowed in most of his guests. It then turns out that snowstorm isn’t bad after song and dance ensue, with special appearances by Chris Rock, Jason Schwartzman, Paul Schaffer, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Rashida Jones, George Clooney and Miley Cyrus.

#3 White Christmas

It’s directed by Joe Swanberg and its based on the 1942 classic Holiday Inn. It’s a Christmas classic and romantic comedy-musical stared by Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Vera-Ellen, and Rosemary Clooney. There isn’t a fleck of snow when four performers arrive at Columbia Inn. The performers then stage a musical to embolden guests to visit rural Vermont town. The warm feelings this movie induces are echoed in its narrative.

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#4 Love Actually

Directed by Richard Curtis, it stars Emma Thompson, Hugh Grant, Billy Nighy, Alan Rickman, Rowan Atkinson etc. It’s a romantic comedy movie, centering around ten love stories that interlink all over the movie. The love stories are between children, parents, friends and other pretty people who want to have sex with each other. With a couple of stories bouncing around, these later tie together at a Christmas concert.

#5 The Ref

It’s directed by Ted Demme. Released in 1994, it stars Denis Leary, J. K. Simmons, Kevin Spacey, and Christine Baranski. On Christmas Eve, a thief kidnaps a wealthy and annoying couple. It’s all about Christmas spirit that swings back and forth after kidnapping, fighting, and laughter. A couple is in marriage counseling, but the marriage is on the periphery of divorce. Both the couple and their son are tired of their persistent wrangles. Even a guy who runs from a crime scene kidnap them is also annoyed. Chaos then follows.

Festivities or Christmas holidays are around the corner. Don’t be amongst those depressed during the holiday season. To get into the Christmas holiday spirit, it will be somehow imperative to stream the above five best Christmas Movies Available on Netflix. Make your festive season’s dream come true with these movies.

Top 5 Halloween Movies To Watch With Family

Halloween is usually that time of year that most people associate with leaves changing colors and the talk on everyone’s lips is usually on pumpkin spice. Another crucial thing associated with the holiday is scary things and scary movies definitely help enhance this theme. Over the years, quite a number of Halloween movies have been produced and settling for the best to watch with your family can be an uphill task. The good news is that here we have compiled a few that are definitely worth watching on ShowBox for PC.
Here are top 5 Halloween movies to watch with a family that one can find on ShowBox for PC.

1. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Arguably one of the Halloween favorite. The script of the movie is on three witches who upon their return to life after 300 years need to sacrifice a kid. However, they face a stiff resistance from three kids who had resurrected them. The three kids are fighting them from taking Salem back to how it was a while back when they lived. This movie not only has a scary storyline but also has a little comedy. Witchcraft is associated with Halloween and this, therefore, makes the movie an excellent watch during Halloween.

Duration: The movie is 1 hour 36 minutes long.
Starring: Bette Milder, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy.
Scary scenes: When the movie commences, the 3 Sanderson sisters are sucking the soul from a small girl leaving her dead.

2. Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Jack Skellington (uses Chris Sarandon’s voice), the pumpkin king of Halloween town gets tired of the holiday that people in his town take an entire year to prepare for. He then finds himself in Christmas town where he takes over Christmas and decides to kidnap Santa. He fails in doing the holiday in the right way. This film is entertaining and its cast’s talents help in making the film awesome.

Duration: The film is 1 hour 16 minutes long.
Starring: Chris Sarandon and Ken Page.
Scary scenes: Oogie Boogie, the maggot filled antagonist, may be intense for young kids.

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3. Watchers in the Woods (1980)

The movie centers around Jan, a girl in her teens who moves to a scary English manor with her family. After staying there for a while, unexplainable happenings start happening to her. This makes her to start an investigation into the disappearance of a girl called Karen that took place 30 years ago.

Duration: The movie is 1 hour and 24 minutes long.
Starring: Bette Davis and Lynn-Holly Johnson.
Scary scenes: It has quite a number but the notably scary one is when Jan goes into the funhouse and a ghostly Karen like image appears on the mirror crying out for help.

4. The Witches (1990)

While in England with Helga, his grandmother, Luke decides to spy on a some of witches. The Grand High Witch tells of an evil plan to turn kids into mice using a certain magical formula. Luke overhears this and the witches find out. They decide to put their formula to test with him. With both his grandmother’s help and that of the hotel manager, Luke ought to fight against the convent witches while he is a mouse.

Duration: The movie is 1 hour 32 minutes long.
Starring: Jansen Fisher, Anjelica Huston, and Rowan Atkinson.
Scary scenes: When, for the first time, the Grand High Witch takes off her disguise can be scary.

5. Edward Scissorhands (1990)

An inventor kicks the bucket right before he is about to finish one his greatest inventions – a perfect human called Edward. Edward is stranded inside a castle with hands made of scissors. His life takes a whole new direction when Peg, an old but kind lady, finds him and accommodates him. Edward is initially received exceptionally well by the community but he soon finds himself an outcast due to his hands. Him being unable to fit in best manifests itself when he falls for the daughter of Peg.

Duration: The movie is 1 hour and 45 minutes long.
Starring: Johnny Depp.
Scary scenes: Edward’s hands can be quite scary.

Choosing a form of entertainment that is ideal for Halloween themes can be quite difficult. This is made to be even more complex when you have to consider the needs of the family and the level of scariness that they can handle. The above top Halloween movies for the family that are available on ShowBox for PC should be of great help when choosing.


5 Best Monster Movies of All Time

We all love watching monster movies, even if they give us the worst nightmares and we end up sleeping with our lights on. No matter how gory or creepy these movies are we still love to see monsters on screen and the classic monster-human fight scenes, where the monster almost destroys the entire human race but in the end, as always, the human race triumphs.

Here is a list of some classic monster movies which featured some of the best monsters we have ever seen.

1. King Kong (2005)

The first King Kong that was released in 1933 in the United States during the pre-code Hollywood era. This movie was a classic. The King-Kong movie that was released in 2005, was produced by Peter Jackson who was a kid when he saw the original Kong movie and was greatly inspired by the movie. He was obsessed about King Kong and always tried to recreate the great ape’s character and later on worked with Universal Studios and remade the 1933 movie and turned this into one of the greatest movies Hollywood had ever seen.

Movie Synopsis: This movie starts with Carl Denham, a very daring and ambitious film director, who would do anything to make a great movie. He forcibly takes his crew on a ship to the Skull Island, an uncharted island. When they finally on the dangerous island, they encounter Kong, the giant ape. The rest of the story is about how Kong is smitten by the actress of this movie and their relationship.

2. Godzilla (1998)

This monster film is something most of us would remember watching as kids. And for those of us who were completely obsessed with this giant monster, Godzilla will always be the Monster of all Monsters. This monster film was released in the year 1998 featuring a 300- ft tall creature and was directed by Roland Emmerich who was inspired by Toho’s Japanese Godzilla movies.

Movie Synopsis: This movie revolves around a giant monster who was created by the result of the nuclear explosions and is now creating havoc in the city of New York. The plot then develops and shows how a scientist and the military forces come together to stop this monster and save the city.

3. Jurrasic World

Released in 1993, this sci-fi monster movie showcased some of the best monsters the world had ever seen. Although all the sequels of this movie were a hit the first one was one of the best movies ever.

Movie Synopsis: John Hammond is the creator of the Jurassic Park, a theme park on an island in Costa Rica, which has all kinds of genetically engineered dinosaurs. Everything seems fine till one of the workers in the park is killed brutally by a velociraptor. This is when Hammond invites Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Den), Alan’s assistant and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), a chaos theorist. Things go haywire, when a greedy Dennis Nerdy (Wayne Knight), a systems person shuts down the entire power in the park making it easy for all the dinosaurs, including the deadly T-Rex, to escape their paddocks and hunt and attack the visitors.

4. Predator (2010)

This American creature film was released in 2010 and is the third Predator movie following the first movie Predator that was released in 1987 and Predator 2 which was released in 1990. The highlight of this movie of this movie was the invisibility factor of the predator creatures that instilled fear in the hearts of the audience.

Movie Synopsis: A group of people awakens only to find themselves parachuting and landing in a jungle. It’s not too late before they realize that they are not on their planet; they are on another unknown planet, where alien beasts are attacking them and hunting them down one by one. It then shows how they join forces to take all the predators down and find a way to get off the planet.

5. Pacific Rim (2013)

This futuristic sci-fi monster film released in 2013 and was directed by Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro’s main always visualized this movie and Kaiju’s character from a child’s perspective and that’s what made this movie a success.

Movie Synopsis: When a lizard-like monster named Kaiju rises from a portal in the Pacific Ocean, and attacks every place on Earth, threatening the existence of the human race, nations from all over the world come together and build complex robots called, Jaegers to combat this monster.

Best 5 Animated Monster Movies So Far

We all have children inside ourselves and like to kick back and sometimes enjoy a little-animated movie, whether we have children or not, many people enjoy just watching a silly movie with friends or family and just have a good laugh. So, for those movie lovers that enjoy some monster fun and animated movie, this list is for you. This is the top five animated monster movies so far, to start of the list we have of course the classic yet super enjoyable:

1. Monster’s Inc:

This movie came out in 2001 and was an instant hit if you haven’t seen Monster’s, Inc it is an absolute must see. The movie is about two friends that work in a scare factory, and their job is of course to scare little children. In order to maintain the factory working the workers have to scare children constantly, however, there is a little twist in the story as the two monsters suddenly make an unexpected friend and things turn sideways. The second movie on the list is;

2. Monster House:

Now this movie is a little less known than say Monster’s Inc, however, it also has a great storyline about three friends that sense that there is a house that intends on hurting them, and since this is approaching the night of Halloween no adults believe them, this is a nice story to embark on if you enjoy monsters and a little bit of Halloween story, you will enjoy the suspense of finding out if the children’s suspicion is correct or not.

3. Monster University:

 Well if you enjoyed the first movie you are certainly going to enjoy the sequel, however, this sequel takes place in time before the first movie. This movie explains how the two friends from the first movie actually became scared monsters for the factory, it has a really cute side of how the two friends meet and go on to get kicked out of the university program.

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4. How to Train Your Dragon:

This is one of the best rated animated movies, and it has everything. A boy that is a rebel, a father that wants his son to be like him and of course a romance with a girl. The boy doesn’t believe that dragons are really evil while the entire village he lives in has been hunting dragons for as long as he has lived, so if you enjoy a little adventure, this one definitely has to be on your must-watch list.

5. Shrek:

This list definitely wouldn’t be complete without Shrek, this is without a doubt the best monster movie yet, it is funny, sad, scary, all at once. It has the monster who hates everyone and everything than of course there is a queen a donkey and a witch that grants people wishes. This movie is family fun and it is just great, not to mention there is also a lot of songs during the movie that just makes you smile. So if you are looking for a funny movie this one is surely the one.

Well, that concludes the list of the best five animated monster movies so far, if you really enjoy the animated movie you should give all of these movies a watch, you won’t be wasting your time. This list should keep most people busy for the week, great family fun and extremely entertaining movies.

Best 5 Horror Movies Your Kids Can Watch at Home

Everyone has a taste of movies and their genre. A movie that is giving you nightmares can be tried and best for someone else. Horror movies are one of the popular movie genres which is liked by many, therefore, making it best for young and the old we’ve prepared a list of some of the epic and great horror movies for kids

1. The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad members included: Adre Gower, Robby Kiger, Count Dracula, and Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy and Gill Man. It was initially released in the USA in 1987, directed by Fred Dekker. The Monster Squad is a very good film to be watched by adult like you, but an outstanding film for kids. In the Monster squad, kids enjoy watching a crew of smart courageous children knock down characters like Dracula and the mummy and emerge victoriously. As a result, it really empowers the little kids. When kids watch this film, it doesn’t just entertain them but also makes them become braver and they can be able to counter what is threatening them without fear. Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s screenplay pitched towards a very specific audience.

2. Gremlins

The gremlins were initially released in 1984 in the USA. It was directed by Joe Dante and produced by Michael Fin. In this Film, a gadget salesman is looking for his son and is lucky to get one at a store in Chinatown. But the shopkeeper gets reluctant to sell him the Gizmo. But later he sells him with some kind of instructions i.e. never to expose him to the light, water or feed him after midnight. But all these instruction are broken and the Gremlins creatures terrorize the town. The film is very funny and scary. It is funny in a way that Gremlins are causing mischief within the town and the scary since they are not pretty creatures but are quite scary.

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3. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters is an awesome not all much scary but a little bit scary Halloween movie. In this movie, it got ghost, monsters, and gross slime that three professors try to get rid out of them as a ghostbusting services, working out of an old fire station. There are some ghost scenes that may be somehow little much for kids, but hilarious entertaining and kid-friendly thriller. Even with the new Ghostbusters version the ghost and ghouls look cartoonish still.

4. Paranorman

The Paranorman is the animated movie which is written and co-edited by Chris Butler who also was a story supervisor on the creepy Coralline. It’s really a scary story, whereby a lonely kid called Norman voiced by Kodi Sit-Mcphee is bullied because he can see ghost wandering around his sleepy hometown Blithe Hollow. However, he finds he has supernatural powers and he is only who can rescue the rest from an infestation of zombies and the curse which was laid by a witch in the 16th century. This movie is engaging and entertaining.

5. The Witches

In this movie,  a little boy named Luke where his parents take him for vacation to visit his grandmother. Why they were staying in at a certain hotel in England with his grandmother, the young Luke pies on a convention of witches. Then the grand high reveals how has a plan to turn all children into mice using the witches magical formula. When they came to realize Luke has overheard, the tested the formula on him. Luke the mouse with help of Helga and the hotel manager had no other option than fighting the witches.


The above-discussed movies are among the best horror movie you can give your child to watch, these movies are U/A rated and are quite scary for children but kids will be entertained and there are so many things your kids will learn from them. I recommend you to get the movies and let your kids enjoy scary horror movies.