Best 5 Horror Movies Your Kids Can Watch at Home

Everyone has a taste of movies and their genre. A movie that is giving you nightmares can be tried and best for someone else. Horror movies are one of the popular movie genres which is liked by many, therefore, making it best for young and the old we’ve prepared a list of some of the epic and great horror movies for kids

1. The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad members included: Adre Gower, Robby Kiger, Count Dracula, and Wolfman, Frankenstein, the Mummy and Gill Man. It was initially released in the USA in 1987, directed by Fred Dekker. The Monster Squad is a very good film to be watched by adult like you, but an outstanding film for kids. In the Monster squad, kids enjoy watching a crew of smart courageous children knock down characters like Dracula and the mummy and emerge victoriously. As a result, it really empowers the little kids. When kids watch this film, it doesn’t just entertain them but also makes them become braver and they can be able to counter what is threatening them without fear. Fred Dekker and Shane Black’s screenplay pitched towards a very specific audience.

2. Gremlins

The gremlins were initially released in 1984 in the USA. It was directed by Joe Dante and produced by Michael Fin. In this Film, a gadget salesman is looking for his son and is lucky to get one at a store in Chinatown. But the shopkeeper gets reluctant to sell him the Gizmo. But later he sells him with some kind of instructions i.e. never to expose him to the light, water or feed him after midnight. But all these instruction are broken and the Gremlins creatures terrorize the town. The film is very funny and scary. It is funny in a way that Gremlins are causing mischief within the town and the scary since they are not pretty creatures but are quite scary.

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3. Ghostbusters

The Ghostbusters is an awesome not all much scary but a little bit scary Halloween movie. In this movie, it got ghost, monsters, and gross slime that three professors try to get rid out of them as a ghostbusting services, working out of an old fire station. There are some ghost scenes that may be somehow little much for kids, but hilarious entertaining and kid-friendly thriller. Even with the new Ghostbusters version the ghost and ghouls look cartoonish still.

4. Paranorman

The Paranorman is the animated movie which is written and co-edited by Chris Butler who also was a story supervisor on the creepy Coralline. It’s really a scary story, whereby a lonely kid called Norman voiced by Kodi Sit-Mcphee is bullied because he can see ghost wandering around his sleepy hometown Blithe Hollow. However, he finds he has supernatural powers and he is only who can rescue the rest from an infestation of zombies and the curse which was laid by a witch in the 16th century. This movie is engaging and entertaining.

5. The Witches

In this movie,  a little boy named Luke where his parents take him for vacation to visit his grandmother. Why they were staying in at a certain hotel in England with his grandmother, the young Luke pies on a convention of witches. Then the grand high reveals how has a plan to turn all children into mice using the witches magical formula. When they came to realize Luke has overheard, the tested the formula on him. Luke the mouse with help of Helga and the hotel manager had no other option than fighting the witches.


The above-discussed movies are among the best horror movie you can give your child to watch, these movies are U/A rated and are quite scary for children but kids will be entertained and there are so many things your kids will learn from them. I recommend you to get the movies and let your kids enjoy scary horror movies.

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