Best 5 Comedy Show To Stream On Netflix

Comedy is one of the best genres of entertainment. Thankfully, there is a whole library of Netflix ready to service all your laughter needs. Netflix remains the only option of catching up with your favorite TV show you may have missed years ago. Here is the rundown of the best 5 comedy show to stream on Netflix:

Arrested Development (4 seasons)

The first four seasons of the comedy are finely calibrated. Finding a show with higher jokes-per-minute ratio than this is hard. Other than that, it’s the best show when it comes to sheer work ethic. It features a story about a wealthy family that loses everything. The members try to cling to their remaining cash and the last vestiges of their lavish
lifestyle. You won’t have any reason not to stick on the comedy, especially on the first three seasons. Every moment is a possible clue to a future joke.

Friends (10 seasons)

This is Netflix’s comfort food. It’s one of the rare shows with high laughter ratings. Besides, you can watch it over and over again. Watch it as you cook and let Monica make you feel like a real chef. Although the show dropped a bit towards the last seasons, you can check out the show if you happened to miss it when it was first aired. It helps you forget about the real world for a while.

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Bojack Horseman (4 seasons)

There is always a layer of comedy woven into the intricate plot of the show. It brings out a universe where animals talk and co-exist with humans. Bojack gets a dream job, and a girlfriend but life caps him on his knees over and over again. The show gets very depressing and real in some spots.

The office (9 seasons)

This is a show where every facial expression and gesture is vital to the story. With this in mind, the first seven seasons are pure gold. If the characters are talking without mikes, the camera is watching from far. While there are two different versions; the United Kingdom and the U.S, the latter owes the existence to the former. The comedy show features a
clueless boss whose desperate attempts to connect with his underlings is an exercise in futility. With Steve Carell leading the diverse cast of characters, it doesn’t get any better than the office.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (3 seasons)

Kimmy is kidnapped as a teenager and forced to live in a doomsday cult. The naive girl is finally rescued and is trying to rebuild her life. Luckily, a Broadway belting man is in desperate need of a roommate. He takes Kimmy in and trains her the art of living. Ellie Kemper plays the kidnapping victim and has no clue on how to live in the modern world. The jokes are consistently hilarious.


Netflix provides users with quick access to TV shows. If you are trying to catch up with one of the television’s best dramas, Netflix has made it much easier for you. Of course, it’s impossible to declare which of the above comedy shows is the best. That’s the beauty of Netflix. It’s time you let your favorite comedy actors take over your screen.

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