Best 5 Animated Monster Movies So Far

We all have children inside ourselves and like to kick back and sometimes enjoy a little-animated movie, whether we have children or not, many people enjoy just watching a silly movie with friends or family and just have a good laugh. So, for those movie lovers that enjoy some monster fun and animated movie, this list is for you. This is the top five animated monster movies so far, to start of the list we have of course the classic yet super enjoyable:

1. Monster’s Inc:

This movie came out in 2001 and was an instant hit if you haven’t seen Monster’s, Inc it is an absolute must see. The movie is about two friends that work in a scare factory, and their job is of course to scare little children. In order to maintain the factory working the workers have to scare children constantly, however, there is a little twist in the story as the two monsters suddenly make an unexpected friend and things turn sideways. The second movie on the list is;

2. Monster House:

Now this movie is a little less known than say Monster’s Inc, however, it also has a great storyline about three friends that sense that there is a house that intends on hurting them, and since this is approaching the night of Halloween no adults believe them, this is a nice story to embark on if you enjoy monsters and a little bit of Halloween story, you will enjoy the suspense of finding out if the children’s suspicion is correct or not.

3. Monster University:

 Well if you enjoyed the first movie you are certainly going to enjoy the sequel, however, this sequel takes place in time before the first movie. This movie explains how the two friends from the first movie actually became scared monsters for the factory, it has a really cute side of how the two friends meet and go on to get kicked out of the university program.

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4. How to Train Your Dragon:

This is one of the best rated animated movies, and it has everything. A boy that is a rebel, a father that wants his son to be like him and of course a romance with a girl. The boy doesn’t believe that dragons are really evil while the entire village he lives in has been hunting dragons for as long as he has lived, so if you enjoy a little adventure, this one definitely has to be on your must-watch list.

5. Shrek:

This list definitely wouldn’t be complete without Shrek, this is without a doubt the best monster movie yet, it is funny, sad, scary, all at once. It has the monster who hates everyone and everything than of course there is a queen a donkey and a witch that grants people wishes. This movie is family fun and it is just great, not to mention there is also a lot of songs during the movie that just makes you smile. So if you are looking for a funny movie this one is surely the one.

Well, that concludes the list of the best five animated monster movies so far, if you really enjoy the animated movie you should give all of these movies a watch, you won’t be wasting your time. This list should keep most people busy for the week, great family fun and extremely entertaining movies.

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