5 Best Monster Movies of All Time

We all love watching monster movies, even if they give us the worst nightmares and we end up sleeping with our lights on. No matter how gory or creepy these movies are we still love to see monsters on screen and the classic monster-human fight scenes, where the monster almost destroys the entire human race but in the end, as always, the human race triumphs.

Here is a list of some classic monster movies which featured some of the best monsters we have ever seen.

1. King Kong (2005)

The first King Kong that was released in 1933 in the United States during the pre-code Hollywood era. This movie was a classic. The King-Kong movie that was released in 2005, was produced by Peter Jackson who was a kid when he saw the original Kong movie and was greatly inspired by the movie. He was obsessed about King Kong and always tried to recreate the great ape’s character and later on worked with Universal Studios and remade the 1933 movie and turned this into one of the greatest movies Hollywood had ever seen.

Movie Synopsis: This movie starts with Carl Denham, a very daring and ambitious film director, who would do anything to make a great movie. He forcibly takes his crew on a ship to the Skull Island, an uncharted island. When they finally on the dangerous island, they encounter Kong, the giant ape. The rest of the story is about how Kong is smitten by the actress of this movie and their relationship.

2. Godzilla (1998)

This monster film is something most of us would remember watching as kids. And for those of us who were completely obsessed with this giant monster, Godzilla will always be the Monster of all Monsters. This monster film was released in the year 1998 featuring a 300- ft tall creature and was directed by Roland Emmerich who was inspired by Toho’s Japanese Godzilla movies.

Movie Synopsis: This movie revolves around a giant monster who was created by the result of the nuclear explosions and is now creating havoc in the city of New York. The plot then develops and shows how a scientist and the military forces come together to stop this monster and save the city.

3. Jurrasic World

Released in 1993, this sci-fi monster movie showcased some of the best monsters the world had ever seen. Although all the sequels of this movie were a hit the first one was one of the best movies ever.

Movie Synopsis: John Hammond is the creator of the Jurassic Park, a theme park on an island in Costa Rica, which has all kinds of genetically engineered dinosaurs. Everything seems fine till one of the workers in the park is killed brutally by a velociraptor. This is when Hammond invites Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil), Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Den), Alan’s assistant and Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum), a chaos theorist. Things go haywire, when a greedy Dennis Nerdy (Wayne Knight), a systems person shuts down the entire power in the park making it easy for all the dinosaurs, including the deadly T-Rex, to escape their paddocks and hunt and attack the visitors.

4. Predator (2010)

This American creature film was released in 2010 and is the third Predator movie following the first movie Predator that was released in 1987 and Predator 2 which was released in 1990. The highlight of this movie of this movie was the invisibility factor of the predator creatures that instilled fear in the hearts of the audience.

Movie Synopsis: A group of people awakens only to find themselves parachuting and landing in a jungle. It’s not too late before they realize that they are not on their planet; they are on another unknown planet, where alien beasts are attacking them and hunting them down one by one. It then shows how they join forces to take all the predators down and find a way to get off the planet.

5. Pacific Rim (2013)

This futuristic sci-fi monster film released in 2013 and was directed by Guillermo del Toro. Del Toro’s main always visualized this movie and Kaiju’s character from a child’s perspective and that’s what made this movie a success.

Movie Synopsis: When a lizard-like monster named Kaiju rises from a portal in the Pacific Ocean, and attacks every place on Earth, threatening the existence of the human race, nations from all over the world come together and build complex robots called, Jaegers to combat this monster.

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